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Trending Properties in Manvel

Manvel real estate, Manvel Homes, real estate in Manvel Texas, recently sold properties, foreclosures, new homes, school information and much more is available on Manvel Real Estate Guide. A complete guide for prospective home buyers, current home buyers and sellers.

Recently Listed in Manvel

Address Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories
4429 Red Eagle Pass Lane, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$655,8134/34,9712
16 Huntington Bend Dr, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$150,0003/21,4391
4309 Buffalo Berry Lane, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$608,5074/34,4412
2803 FARLOW, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$298,0004/22,6301
4302 Red Eagle Pass Lane, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$678,8084/34,4642
4314 Buffalo Berry Lane, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$568,2174/33,9282
5418 Patterson, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$13/21,7361
1 Wolfe Ln, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$275,0003/21,8921
4303 Candlewood Ln, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$425,0004/33,6011
3322 Spindletop Ct, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$199,9003/22,0201
10516 Hanselman Rd, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$299,9004/43,2401
3027 Aspen Ln, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$225,0004/22,2901
26 Terra Bella Dr, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$265,0004/33,9502
10 Desert Spring Ln, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$239,9005/32,8592
2830 Misty Springs Dr, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$439,9004/33,9842
3730 TUMBLING FALLS DR, MANVEL, TX, 77578Single Family$320,0004/33,0032
6823 Powell Ln, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$289,9003/32,8221
3023 HUMBLE DR, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$233,9003/22,5762
3127 Mustang Meadow Ln, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$250,0004/32,5162
3 Garden Springs Court, Manvel, TX, 77578Single Family$225,9914/22,5072

Recently Sold Listings in Manvel

Address Sold Date Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories
7 Sunnyvale Ln, Manvel, TX, 7757804/20/2015Single Family$160,001 - $185,0003/21,8431
6623 Marble Falls, Manvel, TX, 7757804/17/2015Single Family$250,001 - $285,0003/32,8631
12 Santa Clarita Cir, Manvel, TX, 7757804/17/2015Single Family$160,001 - $185,0003/21,6721
3018 Wolfberry, Manvel, TX, 7757804/15/2015Single Family$482,001 - $552,0005/54,7113
10510 Hanselman Rd, Manvel, TX, 7757804/15/2015Single Family$285,001 - $325,0003/22,0531
5631 Furnace Rd, Manvel, TX, 7757804/14/2015Single Family$325,001 - $370,0003/22,2561
35 Supiro Dr, Manvel, TX, 7757804/13/2015Single Family$140,001 - $160,0003/21,5571
2614 BRAHMAN, MANVEL, TX, 7757804/10/2015Single Family$285,001 - $325,0004/33,5462
3614 Castle Falls Dr, Manvel, TX, 7757804/09/2015Single Family$250,001 - $285,0004/32,6152
3219 SUMMERLAND, MANVEL, TX, 7757804/08/2015Single Family$215,001 - $250,0004/22,2941
2906 Verde Valley, Manvel, TX, 7757804/08/2015Single Family$420,001 - $482,0004/33,8082
34 Signal Hill Dr, Manvel, TX, 7757804/07/2015Single Family$160,001 - $185,0004/22,1511
3006 Verde Valley, Manvel, TX, 7757804/06/2015Single Family$420,001 - $482,0004/33,6141
3106 ASPEN LAKE CT, Manvel, TX, 7757804/02/2015Single Family$420,001 - $482,0004/34,3412
4642 SYLVIA, Manvel, TX, 7757804/02/2015Single Family$90,001 - $105,0003/21,8461
8013 JANE ST, MANVEL, TX, 7757803/31/2015Single Family$90,001 - $105,0003/11,6242
2911 Verde Valley, Manvel, TX, 7757803/31/2015Single Family$420,001 - $482,0005/44,1992
39 San Simeon Dr, Manvel, TX, 7757803/27/2015Single Family$215,001 - $250,0004/33,2442
3030 Verde Valley, Manvel, TX, 7757803/27/2015Single Family$420,001 - $482,0004/44,3622
2607 S Breeze, Manvel, TX, 7757803/27/2015Single Family$250,001 - $285,0004/22,6912

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Master Planned Communities in Manvel

Name Address
Rodeo Palms
Sedona Lakes 101 Bailey Ave

Schools in Manvel

Find Manvel schools and other information about the educational environment in Manvel. View ratings on Manvel schools and get the academic performance for each school in Manvel.
Elementary School in Manvel
Middle School in Manvel
High School in Manvel
Charter School in Manvel

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